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Pre - EQ -  DI

BAE 1073 x6 BAE 1066 x 2 C-API VP28 x10 Neve 33122a BBC x2 Avedis MA5 x2 Thermionic Culture Rooster x2 Ampex 351x2 Tascam 308 Side-car x8 S&M Audio Parametric EQ x2 Inward Connections StepEQ x2 Dolby A Noise Reduction x2 Tube-Tech PE1-C x2 Avalon U5 DI x2 Radial JDI mono x2 Radial JDI stereo x1 Radial SGI x2 ProCo DB4 4Channel x4



ADR Compex F760X FS Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X x3 UA 1176 Revision F Warm Audio WA76 x2 Teletronix LA-2A Summit Audio TL-100 Neve AM6-17-A BBC x2

Reverb - Delay - FX

Bricasti M7 Lexicon 480L AMS RMX-16 AMS DMX-16 TC Electronics M350 Thermionic Culture Vulture Eventide H-3000 Roland Space Echo RE-201 Roland Chorus Echo RE-501 Roland SBF-325 Stereo Flanger Roland Dimension D MXR 126 Flanger


AEA 44CE Audio Technica ADM250E Altec 689a AKG 414XL x2 AKG D1000E x2 AKG C451 EB w/ CK1 capsule AKG d19e x2 AKG d12 Beyer m380 Charter Oak s600 Tube Mic x2 Coles 4038 x2 Earthworks SR-25 x2 EV RE-20 EV RE-15 EV RE-18 EV RE-660 EV 635a x3 GLM-100 GLM-200 Lomo 19a9 1964 Soviet Tube Neumann u47 Vintage Neumann fet47 vintage x2 Neumann u87 vintage x2 Neumann km86 vintage x4 Neumann km84 vintage x2 cardio + omni RCA 74b Jr Royer 121 SE Electronics Z5600a Shure SM7 Shure KSM32 x2 Shure SM57 x2 Shure Beta 52 Shure Beta 56 Sennheiser MD-421 x4 vintage white Sennheiser MD-421 u5 vintage black Sennheiser 441 vintage Sony 38B vintage x2 Tab Funkenwerk / Wunder C12



Yamaha NS-10s Avantone Mix-cubes Yamaha HS8 Genelec 1032B” PMC twotwo.6 KRK 9000b Dynaudio Air 25 Mains Beyer-Dynamic 770 x8 Sony MDR7056 Headphones x 5 Mytek Private Q headphone distribution x5 Redco Cue box x3



SSL 8048G+ with Ultimation / Total Recall BAE 8x2 Mixer Tascam M-308



Apogee Rosetta 200 SSL Alpha Link 48-Channels Apogge DA-16x Pro Tools HDx MOTU Midi Express



Pro Tools HD 11/12 Logic Pro X UAD QUAD - All Plugins Waves Diamond Bundle Sound Toys Complete PSP complete Izotope complete Native Instruments Komplete 5 UVI workstation Vintage Volt Arturia Complete Bundle Superior Drummer 2 Steven Slate Trigger Melodyne 4 Studio / Antares AutoTune




Epiphone Casino 12 string ‘02 Danelectro vintage 12 string ‘66 Fender Duo Sonic ii ‘67 ‘67 Fender Strat ‘98 Gibson SG Standard ‘99 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gibson Flying V ‘07 Bill Nash Tele ‘10 Custom Tele based on above Gibson J-45 Acoustic ‘68 Custom Frankenstein 9-string from 60s parts Fender P Bass ‘78 Fender Mustang Bass ‘67



Ampeg b-15 1970s Danelectro DM-25 ‘60s Fender Vibro-Champ ‘68 Fender Deluxe Reverb ii ‘82 Fender Bassman Soundcity Concord ‘70s x2 Vox AC-30TB ‘78 Vox AC-15 Victoria Ammo 5/10 watt boutique Head Mesa/Boogie Nomad 100 Head Marshall 4x12



Roland Jupiter 6 Europa Mod Roland Juno 60 Roland Juno 106 Roland JX-3P Korg Arp Odyssey Korg VC-10 Korg Polysix Kiwisix Mod Korg Poly 800 Korg MS-20 Moog Little Phatty Moog Voyager Dave Smith Prophet 08 Yamaha Dx7 Vostok Modular MPC1000 Roland TR8



Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Thumper Custom Drums 26 /16 / 12 C&C Gold Sparkle Drums 22/16/12 Tama Blue 22/16/14/12/10 Zildjian K Dark 16 Crash 18 Ride 14 Hi Hats



Kranich&Bach Upright Piano Wurlitzer 200A Fender Rhodes Vox Continental Yamaha SK20



Pink Balls OD Big Balls FUZZ Black Balls Bass FUZZ Boss OD-1 Boss Bass Chorus Boss Bass Flanger Fulltone Bass Drive 2 Klon Clones Sunny Day Delay Danelectro Reel EchoDelay + lots more

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